It takes a special breed these days to testify with the blues; and Jason Cloud is not just playing the part of a bluesman, he is living the life with his guitar in his hand and a song in his heart. It is fitting that the title of his new release is called Moderne Day Bluesman. It was self-produced by Jason and showcases his smoky vocals, and Texas guitar tone with blues veterans Fred Gleber on drums and Drew Allain on bass. There are also guest appearances by Tommy Young on the Hammond organ and David Hayden on harmonica. The CD is straightforward blues; no frills and effects, performed live with few overdubs. The eleven songs were recorded on one and half inch tape in two days at Audio Dallas and mixed by Paul Osborn. Jason started by plugging his 2014 Gibson ES Les Paul straight into his Vox AC 15 amp and cut many of the tracks in one take. The result captures a definitive set of raw blues and is an example of what a great blues band would play like on a Saturday night fish fry or at a neighborhood blues bar in East Dallas. For the novice, it is in introduction to the different styles of the blues, with tributes to Muddy Waters, Little Walter, and John Lee Hooker. To the old pro, it is an impressive collection of classic blues grooves. The first song, “Getting Ready,” is an instrumental that has a laid-back beatnik groove, by the end of the second turnaround Jason throws in a familiar jazzy lick that sets the tone, “This is a guitar record!” Jason has mastered the traditional Texas backslide lick which he sprinkles throughout the record with great approach. A highlight on the CD is the instrumental number, “Flippin” a tribute to Freddie King where Jason nails the changes and shows off his command of the fretboard. His vocals on “Who I Am,” “She Don’t,” “Feels So Blue” and “Mess with My Mind” display the blues tradition but with a fresh take. The CD ends with another instrumental “Slam Jam Diddy,” and reminds you of what a good time is all about; Jason snatched that moment in time and provided us a Texas Style blues party! Early on WHEN YOU GROW UP IN Texas, you are exposed to many styles of music, Jason grew up listening to the radio and his Mom and Dad’s record collection that included the guitar tones of Cream and Led Zeppelin. He would run around the house rocking out and then go hide in his room with his guitar. “I’ve always gravitated toward the fuzz sounds of the guitar,” says Jason. Early on his dad took him to see Anson Funderburgh, Holland K Smith, and Pete Barbeck. This opened his ears to the blues and Pete became a big influence. Jason recalls, “I’ve known Pete for longer than he remembers!” A genuine “Lakewood Rat” it was in that area that Jason honed his jamming skills. “Two things that changed my life were hearing Chuck Berry on a cassette and seeing the Woodstock movie where Alvin Lee and Ten Years After perform “I’m Going Home.” “I picked up gigs as a drummer too, I just wanted to jam”. But the guitar was his passion and his first pro gig was with the Lee Scheetz Band a honky-tonk group out of Amarillo. This is where Jason started learning about both sides of the Music/ Business. After a couple of years, the blues were calling his name. By 2011 Jason was back in Dallas, hitting all the local jams and picking up gigs. In just a short time Jason Cloud has become one of the top blues guitarist in the metroplex. His hard work schedule and positive attitude has gained him the blues notoriety you need in this town to keep working on a regular basis without getting burned out. His first release proves to be a winner in the blues circles and his talent is in demand. Do yourself a favor and “Modernize your blues experience” and keep an eye on Jason Cloud and The Max! And your blues heart will thank you! 

A Moderne Day Bluesman

Jason Cloud’s straightforward blues, no frills,and effects,performed live with few overdubs.

By Jackie Don Loe

QUESTION YOU MAY ASK YOURSELF, what does a Modern Day Bluesman do? Answer: He spreads the gospel of the music he creates today and turns people on to the characteristic feel of the blues but with a “happening now” vibe. Something old is something new, what one remembers, others forget. The road traveled by the bluesman is not by choice but rather a sort of rebellion that reveals itself to be the only thing that keeps him going. Where is the next town and when is the next gig? Wipe the strings down one more time and hope the tubes don’t blow!

Blues Band in Dallas

Lead Vocals/Guitar

Jason Cloud was born as, Jason Charles Boulter, in the Fall of 1982. He was adopted by Charles and Diana Boulter, in Dallas Texas. Jason was raised in Lakewood, Dallas, a White Rock Lake Community. 

     At the young age of 5, Jason was already showing a interest in music that his mother was a avid fan of. Being drawn to his mothers favorites, Freddie King, Bonnie Raitt, Cream, Led Zepplin, and Peter Green's "Fleetwood Mac". Jason would listen for hours, tapping his hands, and feet to the beat, and singing along with a passion.

By the time he was 8, he already had a nylon string guitar in his hands, and by 12, he was able to play along to all his favorite records. Once High School started, and the pressure of fitting in ensued, Jason began hiding in his room and playing his guitar. For years this went on, having hits and misses with odd jobs, here and there. He would pick up gigs with various bands on guitar. He would even pick up drum gigs, which is a additional talent he picked up along the way. Jason eventually found a home with "Lee Sheetz Band", a honky tonk band out of Amarillo. He stayed playing with this live band for several years. Learning the business first hand, from a full time working band. 

     In 2011, Jason set his sights on Dallas, to attend to his mother, who had fallen ill with cancer. Upon returning, his mother urged him not to give up on his dream, of leading a real blues band. So he got his act together, took his guitar, and a handful of his original songs, and got to work. Eventually leading to what he is now, " Jason Cloud & The Max!!!". Come March 2012, Jason's mother passed over to the next life, 2 weeks before his debut weekly gig, they had been gearing up for. This led him to push harder, and harder to reach his dreams, knowing she is always watching.

     Today Jason Cloud is a man to watch, as he grows and evolves into one of Dallas's top blues guitarists, with his soulful and inspiring licks. A equally matched voice, and a burning passion for the blues. Jason brings the fire to any stage, or setting. He has played, and recorded with many of today's top blues musicians such as Holland K Smith, Miss Marcy & Her Texas Sugar Daddy's, Pat Boyack, RL Griffins Blues Palace Show Band with Big Charles Young, Topcat Records Richard Chalk, Aaron Burton, and many more. Jason has also co-written and recorded an album with Miss Marcy and Her Texas Sugar Daddy's, which is due out August 15,2015. He is currently working on his first official release, due out early 2016.

     Jason Cloud keeps his blues real, and old school, with hints of Freddie King and Peter Green in all of his music. Jason intends to keep new Texas Blues Music coming, and coming strong.

Keep an eye on,

           Jason Cloud & The Max!!!